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I was reading a YouTube discussion of mine with someone using the name NeedGod dot com. The web address diverted to the page linked above.

The video above and page info assumes things like God, Judgment, Heaven, the commandments, Jesus reality and so on. If all of these are true then It’s a no brainer, you have the highest most important truth ever and all should respond accordingly. Likewise, it’s also a no brainer that if all these assumed realities are not real then this information is leading people into error while claiming to be the most important truth. If so this will substantially debase the core of reason within those that believe it and vice versa.

It is my experience and testimony that the above video and page information is very mistaken. And that such information did much harm to me, and because I believed it I did much harm to others especially by way of leading/encouraging them into false beliefs and foundations for thinking and living.

Because it is mistaken I repented of my belief in it with all my heart mind soul and strength.

I understand from my experience that your motives and heart are not knowingly doing the wrong thing but you likely consider yourselves ‘servants/witnesses of the word/gospel and thus humble servants of truth.

It is not possible to be a true witness unless one testifies of what they have seen with their own eyes, heard with their own ears or handled with their own hands. (1 John Ch 1) The passing on of scripture as ‘truth’ is actually hearsay and not admissible in a court and any and all good judges, like in the video, will toss it out, will not let it be admitted and instruct the jury to ignore it. (See 1 John ch 1)

I therefore admonish you to refrain from using any and all hearsay evidence and require you, because of the necessity to adhere to true principles, to only testify to the truth of things which you personally have seen, heard, handled i.e. directly experienced.

If you do not then you are violating the principle in the commandments to not bear false witness against your neighbour. This is a procedural error and in such cases the decision is against those committing the procedural error. It is not possible for a just system to be just while breaking it’s own precepts. It is not possible for you to be legitimate witnesses or to give legitimate testimony while presenting things you have not directly sensed for real, e.g. bible scriptures, as evidence. Such would not be accepted in any court, by any judge as admissible evidence and as you have used the legal system as a valid standard, I hold you to it and hold you to be consistent in your use of standards.

If you would like to cross examine and inquire of me how I know the truth of which I testify, as a witness before you and all, then simply ask and question away. Though also know that I have put you on the stand as breaking the principle in do not bear false witness and that you are doing this while purporting to represent the Christian God. Breaking your supposed God’s commandment while purporting to represent him.

If ‘God’ has something to say, leave it to ‘him’. If your ‘God’ or any ‘God’ has a concern or issue, If they are a god, surely they are capable of dealing with it, without breaking their inscribed commandments etc.

Cheers and have a GREAT day all



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