SENSIBLE REASON is the true heart of human function. The Ideology proliferated by religious and school institutions is not.


The transition from “The Religious Ideological Age” to “The New School Based Ideological Age” is a most needful historical fact to know in our time, simply because it describes the beginning of the age in which we now live.

Unpacking what I mean by “RELIGIOUS” and “SCHOOL BASED” IDEOLOGICAL AGES, is a necessary first step.

Put simply they both exert influence through ideology, one uses a religious facade to present it, while the other uses training in schools and Scientific fictions to present it. These are just different sides of the same ideological coin. The transition from dominant acceptance of older religious based currency to the school based one, has taken place. Note: the religious ideological influence has not diminished but increased through this transition.

One missing key fact, once known, can change our entire view and conclusion about something. This transition is a missing key fact. With this assertion I would ask you to examine what follows as objectively and critically as you can so as to form your own view of what I am pointing out for consideration.

Facts about reality are necessary to see it for what it is. One key fact, can bring into focus things that were less clear without it.

If you think about what i bring up only as I describe it, I will have failed in my objective. I want each individual to come to their own, experience based view of what I term “THE RELIGIOUS IDEOLOGICAL AGE” and “THE SCHOOL BASED IDEOLOGICAL AGE”.

These “AGES” I’m pointing out, are so widespread and historically diverse as to render them not fully knowable by anyone. But parts of them are truly knowable, by direct experience and observation … the rest we mentally fill in, hopefully with reality inspired extrapolation.

The Catholic Church is part of what I term,


A current day snapshot of the Catholic Church

Pope Francis delivers Easter Mass at the Vatican, commemorating Jesus resurrection from death and his going to heaven to sit at God’s right hand.

Francis is pictured holding up the bible, and blessing the people with it.

The Christian religion’s AGE has extended for about 2000 years.

It has used techniques that embody Ideals into literary stories and characters like Jesus, and positions like Pope, Pastor and Minister, so they take an enthroned position in the hearts and minds of people world wide.

The Christian Religion influences the thinking of multitudes today.

These pictures are screenshots from a televised Easter Service. The number of Christian believers world wide make those in St Peters square (left), a tiny part of the whole.


Has at it’s core, its religiously packaged Ideology.

My use of the phrase, “The Christian Ideological Age” refers to the shaping of society by the Christian Religion and Ideology over approximately the last 2000 years in some parts of the world.

We can use the Christian example that shows so much of society, past and present, influenced by religion, as a means to define “A RELIGIOUS IDEOLOGICAL AGE” by extending the “Christian AGE” definition out to include all religions as far back as knowledge of religion, as a societal maker and shaper, is known over the earth.

This “RELIGIOUS IDEOLOGICAL AGE”, is identified by the core feature of Central Ideologies in various religious packaging and, the ideology being central to the management of societies.

Point: Religiously packaged Ideology was (and still is) a very powerful method of influencing and controlling major proportions of world population, over many parts of earth, for thousands of years.

I’ve touched on “The Christian Age” above. If you can think of all the religions you know, in all the countries they are associated with, throughout history, and how these were significant in shaping and managing society, then you will have your own view of the reality I’m referring to when I mention …


Its core feature is religiously packaged Ideology.

Religious narratives and characters embody and package various ideals in their story and example, which people take in. When it occupies the place from which people reason, it becomes a significant influence in their thinking and living. For example, someone brought up to believe in the story of Jesus, his teachings and life example has these things in their consciousness interpenetrating their attitudes and thinking. This becomes an inspiring animating part of their life. This ranges from shallow and superficial effects in some, to deep and profound effects in others.

This accordingly shapes them and influences their interactions, their relationships with others, and groups, in their society.

If believed deeply by enough people, these Ideals inspire, and so become central animators of the collective body of individuals, such that it becomes a major life inspiration and creator of ‘life’ in that society. (Thus, ‘The Word’ becomes flesh and lives among and in the ‘Idealised’.)

To make the above point again: Ideology inspired ‘life’, (‘Spiritual Life’) can be a very powerful maker and shaper of individuals and the societies they make up.

Those who implant and thus determine the ideology of society essentially breath it’s attitudes, values, motivations, and relations into it such that it becomes the core animating principle in it.

Some shallowly take in and thus don’t truly internalise their Religious, home and church upbringing, and vice versa.

IF a way of increasing the number who truly internalise a populations ideological inspiration, such that it becomes the genuine internal motivation and attitude shaper

THEN That would greatly enhance the power and influence of the Church. A scientific understanding of that process, to enhance it, could give great power to an Ideological institution.

THIS HAS HAPPENED, which leads us to …


The essence of ideological influence in religion, was forcibly separated from it’s religious costumes and re-clothed in a non-religious, suit of clothes using schools.

The planning and opening of the first educational institution to set this in motion started in early 1800’s at Berlin, in what is now Germany.

The German philosopher, Johann Fichte, King Frederick William III of Prussia and men surrounding that throne, were the central figures that made this happen.

In short the ideology within religious bodies, (institutionalised in churches) was extracted from them and given a totally non-religious body and new institutions of schooling and education, to make a new Ideological age.

In my opinion, this is the most needful historical fact to know in our time for it describes the beginning of the NEW AGE Johann Fichte outlined and those around the Prussian throne implemented. What they planned and put into motion, in the early 1800’s, has, to a considerable extent, founded and shaped the age we now live in. Hence, knowledge of it is foundational to understanding and viewing current society.

The enormous significance of what was done at that time and has resulted since, cannot be quickly described, it has to be unfolded to be seen in detail for what it is. But, in a sentence, I can say: The supposed birth of baby Jesus and the church based ideological age growing from Him, was the child which matured, (via Fichte’s insightful improvements) into a man with increased physical and mental powers thus making THE NEW SCHOOL BASED IDEOLOGICAL AGE.

Fichte’s insights and knowledge, expressed in his lectures, laid the foundation for the historical child of religious ideological influence to develop and mature, (to go through puberty) and become the young man entering his strength to run the race of the rest of his life the mature and formidable man he is showing himself to be. (This isn’t the immature ‘Baby Jesus Christian Religion’ of the last 2000 years … that was child’s play.)

Fichte’s NEW AGE was designed as a significant upgrade to what I term “THE RELIGIOUS IDEOLOGICAL AGE” that preceded it. The upgraded overhaul of ideological influence that was birthed in those bold beginnings in Berlin, has been growing into mature strength and learning to flex its adult powers and influence.

Some of Fichte’s lectures, outline what was done and why, and historical records from the time show that Fichte articulated in lectures and recorded in print, much of the central plan from which the first steps to refine and upgrade religious ideological influence, were made. The plan and it’s implementation has been devestatingly successful from the point of view of it’s developers, and vice versa.

The new non-religious ‘religion’, THE SCHOOL BASED IDEOLOGICAL AGE, has developed from its beginnings in Berlin and spread to become the most effective and widespread, ideological control and influence system ever.

It is not controversial or surprising to state that the plans and actions of the past become the present. What these people planned and put into action has become the present. “… the end (the destination) of the Life of Mankind on Earth is this, that in this life they may order all their relations with …” the collective consciousness arising from values and beliefs, implanted through the new school institution.

Keep in mind, Fichte describes, and outlines in considerable detail, that it was a planned upgrade, not to do away with religious ideological control, but to enhance it, to increase it and that this was impossible in people, unless they went through his new schooling.

It was an upgrade and re-institution of religious Ideological influence. But why? Well, a major problem with using a bible based narrative for Ideological control of society was that it wasn’t flexible. For example, the things Abraham, Moses and Jesus said and did in the bible could not be changed. Something better thought out was necessary to ideologically influence and manage the emerging technological civilisation. One that wasn’t bound by a narrative with characters and Ideals permanently set in the religious stone of some “holy book” and weighed down with supernatural impossibilities from which to artificially induce world view and reasoning.

The heart of ideological control from past religious institutions, compared to it’s heart now, is, in its essence, the same, but made more effective using scientific enhancements. Similarly, the new outer clothing, the new historical narratives and institutions to teach and condition to predetermined socially desired and acceptable attitudes, incorporates some of the old essence but with increased scientific knowledge to make it more effective.

The many millennia of what I term “THE RELIGIOUS AGE”, is passing away and being replaced by it’s more mature form which I descriptively term, “THE NEW SCHOOL BASED IDEOLOGICAL AGE”.

Real things self define, so to help you see the reality of what I mean when I write “THE RELIGIOUS AGE” and “THE NEW SCHOOL BASED IDEOLOGICAL AGE”, I have laid out some facts. It’s up to you to look for yourself to form your own reality based knowledge of this. That is about the best I can do in this format, briefly introduce this matter, in the hope of tbringing us to a somewhat common consciousness of what we see as historically real and founding our current society, and in particular, it’s ideological nature.

Some observations and thoughts from the above:

The change from a religious to an educational ideological influence system happened in significant part because of, and it’s detailed in, Fichte’s Lectures and the history of that time.

Without doubt schools seek to instil attitudes and values into children. The historical start of modern schooling shows it was specifically designed to upgrade and replace the former Religious institution as the primary maker and shaper of attitudes and values, instilling them to shape and manage society. Both my parents taught me in state schools and I became a teacher. I was also brought up Catholic and converted to a fundamentalist Christian Church doing a diploma of Ministry course before eventually independently thinking my truth basis for thinking and living, through from scratch and coming to a basis for it that I descriptively call sensible reason.

In the EDUCATIONAL AGE, the weak and fixed bible narrative basis, has become a flexible and upgradeable school curriculum.

For the things I’m writing about, it makes sense to view time from when Fichte gave his “Addresses to the German Nation” lectures, in the winter of 1807/8 as an instrumental starting point for our current Age, which Fichte called the NEW AGE. And it is not surprising that this is the case, because his lectures outlined a plan to institute a new school based or EDUCATIONAL AGE. Of course picking a time for marking such a change is somewhat arbitrary, but Fichte’s educational lectures lead to the opening of a new educational university in Berlin in 1810, with Fichte as Lecturer and unanimously voted rector in 1811. By the 1820’s the new school based ideological social management model was being used as a pattern and adapted for implementation in other European nations. Much of what we see before that I consider as chiefly characterised by Christian or other Religions ideological control.

To restate it: After Fichte’s second educational series of lectures in Berlin, “Addresses to the German Nation”, decisions and actions were made which, from that particular place and time in history, have, in reality, seeded and grown a more powerful NEW AGE of externally non-religious but internally ideological influence with what Fichte terms the “Religious Sense”.

The largest part of the former “RELIGIOUS AGE”, the bible based “Christian Age” lasted almost 2000 years. The new “EDUCATIONAL AGE”, has a base that can be changed and adapted as much as necessary and it combines with far more powerful forms of propaganda and societal control on top of the improved developmental and behavioural conditioning methods used in schools.

As a consequence, based on the Christian historical precedent, I consider the “EDUCATIONAL AGE” likely to continue much longer than that limited by the holy book, supernaturally impossible characteristics that were part of the initial emergence of ideological control and human conditioning social technology. The “EDUCATIONAL AGE” has been specifically designed to exclude the incredulous and inflexible nature of religious ideological control.

If the “Christian Age” lasted 2000 years with it’s flawed initial inherent characteristics then how long could it’s upgraded form last? In my opinion, if it isn’t overcome now, it could go on till humanity becomes extinct. This is what my observations of the facts and workings of reality and human nature indicate as likely to me.

It seems to me, that like many life forms, which are most vulnerable when young, the same goes for this new form of the spiritual or ideological ‘life’ of society … so the longer action is delayed the more likely this upgrade to the religious control of society making a New, “Body of Christ” or “Hobbs Leviathan”, will grow to survive and damn the majority of humanity to lives and consciousness that is nowhere close to optimal human functionality.

When I consider the majority of schools, universities and places of learning worldwide, I see them to be centres of what is essentially, (i.e. in their inner core, not their external appearance) pretty much a single or very similar in nature “religious” Ideological Institution … With many differences being like those between Catholics, Protestants, Islamics and Hindus. From my limited perspective I think what I’m seeing is a growth from what was planned by Fichte, Prussian Royalty and their surrounding aristocrats to be what Fichte termed a “NEW AGE” and described in some detail as the upgrading of Religious Ideological control using non religious narratives in a new school institution.

In my opinion, what I have touched on above and will expand in other pages, is the most important piece of information that is necessary to more fully and truly see current society for what it is and how it came to be that way.

I think it is some of the most important, central and key information to understanding the NEW AGE, the SCHOOL BASED IDEOLOGICAL AGE we live in because it details it’s creation.

Knowledge of the steps used to take the majority of people down into Plato’s ‘cave of shadows’. Can be used by them to come out. The steps taken down, taken in reverse can deliver those in ideological darkness to the light of sensible-reason.

In general, I think people are more ideologically influenced and controlled than ever before. This is because modern schools were designed to be a central cog of ideological conditioning, and they do it very well.

Also, deep and wide knowledge of human nature, especially how to influence and control people, is used to ensure most only weakly develop their sensible reasonable faculties. This leaves people more vulnerable to all manner of deception.

Showing what institutional schooling truly is and does, with a view to people leaving it, is a primary goal of mine and this web site.

Another is helping people to better develop their innate sensible reasonable functionality.

Religious and School institution training is the source of much dysfunction because it shapes the core of human functionality with a weakened connection to sensible reality.

Many deep and serious problems, resulting in tragic harm and heartache, trace their root cause back to institutional schools and religions ideological influences. Ongoing health and vitality can only be achieved with the removal of the source of harm. These institutions were designed to infect with ideological and cognitive conditioning.

Because modern schools are dysfunctional and infectious by design, leaving them for more functional alternatives is sensible and reasonable.

That was easy to point out but not easy for many to see.


Those conditioned to a controlling ideological culture have great difficulty seeing it for what it is because they have been trained to see it as valid. They have been conditioned into self confirming circular reasoning, where the standard they use can never truly rule itself out.

e.g. Someone whose standard is Jesus as presented in ‘The Bible’, doesn’t compare reality to Jesus walking on the water as the test of validity, but the bible, so they can’t escape the error until they stop using ‘Jesus in the Bible’ as their standard and use their own observations of reality as basis for judging what is reasonable.

Similarly, someone who believes in Evolution of life from as expressed in ‘The Published Literature’ rejects what contradicts their educationally approved ‘books’ (their institutional ‘texts’) about things like the nature and source of life. And likewise, these can’t escape their error of inferring past observed facts, until they stop using ‘Evolution in their Literature’ as their standard and use their own observations of reality as basis for judging what is reasonable.

Generally well known things can be pointed out quickly and easily, like the 2 millennium Christian Age. But if I similarly raise a few points about something not well known, such as the New School Based Ideological Age, the new points, though just as informative and true, will not be understood as quickly and easily. This is because much of the factual reality behind them is not already known. In such cases much more detailed and full knowledge is needed to give the necessary background so that a few key points can bring to mind the full reality.

It comes down to factual reality and one’s ability to see it directly for themselves as opposed to seeing it through various institutions idealised views.