This is a 2 pages worth intro that I wrote for a local meet (at the risk hall) to tell what I’m about.

Western Society’s formation using Divine Laws in the Bible, matches society creation directions in Plato’s Laws.

“Plato said … If you want your nation to last, convince the citizens … that those laws were:

  1. given to them by the gods
  2. in ancient times
  3. to the founding generation
  4. and they have never been changed through time.”1

Judaeo-Christian civilisation was the realisation of the plan in Plato’s Laws. It is not controversial or surprising to state that a plan put into action became reality.

Plans that work are often used again. They are often improved. It seems to me the philosophical plan of Plato has undergone thousands of years of use and improvement. Society is very much in its matured and improved grip. Lack of this knowledge makes it impossible to truly understand this core problem to break its hold.

My aim is to get technical details of the philosophical construction of society to those in its grip, so they can defeat it and build a better world.

This goal parallels the story of Star Wars – Episode 4, ‘A New Hope’, which is about getting technical plans for the Empire’s ‘Death Star’, to the resistance, so they can defeat it. Exact technical details were vital for the resistance plans to have any real hope. The same is true in reality now.

A core of philosophically created society, I call super-narratives (e.g. the Judaeo-Christian Divine History/Bible or today’s philosophically idealised false Science and History) When believed, these narratives ‘hijack’ the honest thinking and motivations of good people, generating a faith based obedience or compliance which would not be given if the truth were known.

A core aim of philosophical super-narratives that follow design goals like in Plato’s Laws, is belief. This leads to a belief based form of compliance and co-operation. I have mentioned the Judaeo-Christian Bible/History and today’s philosophically falsified Science and History as two examples of what I call philosophical super-narratives. Now, in case I’m not making it clear enough … religious and non-religious, philosophical super-narratives, should all just be known as philosophical super-narratives because that’s what they are.

It is the nature of philosophical ages with different foundational super-narratives to see others as falsely founded – but not themselves. It is the nature of many in the Present Age to see the past Judaeo-Christian Western Age as false and debilitating without realising they are actually tightly gripped in a similar philosophical super-narrative, only it’s an improved newer version, thus they are actually in the grip of a more powerful and deceptive super-narrative.

It is possible for people to be simultaneously in the grip of more than one philosophical super-narrative. For example: At one time I believed Jesus to be a real historical figure and that he was God’s Son, and the saviour of all through his death on the cross. And at the same time I was a science teacher advocating belief and acceptance of what society told us were scientific truths and achievements. I now have evidence that the bible stories concerning Jesus were fabricated by Imperial Rome using philosophical techniques and state/religious institutions to indoctrinate. I am also now certain and able to show that some tales presented as scientific are also philosophically fabricated and presented through school/state institutions to indoctrinate. The reason these 2 societal systems look and function so similarly is that they are both, in simplicity, philosophical creations tracing back to the plan in Plato’s Laws.

It is impossible to just ‘Change Your Mind’. If someone tells you up is down and black is white it is impossible to agree and at the same time maintain honest mental integrity. Facts, time, thought, respectful discussion and the like, are needed to come to a change of mind that has integrity and knows why a change of mind is sensible and reasonable. I once believed there was an eternal life in either Heaven or Hell. It was a black and white ‘truth’ for me, because I believed the bible. I now see from my own sensible experience that the only life anyone will ever have is that which started at conception and finishes at death. I see this everywhere in human life and in plants and animals. So whether it’s a philosophically religious false belief or a philosophical Science/History false belief, the way to freedom from non-sense beliefs and thinking is the steady application of sensible-reason. Hence the name of my website.

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Well, that’s my 2 pages letting you know a bit about me and that I’m at your service for the above as time and my choice enables. I look forward to ongoing growth of content and the effective fulfilment of my mission and I invite you to join me as time and your choice enables, as we all break free of the grip of philosophical plans and super-narratives so we can build a better world.

1 Russell Gmirkin Author of ‘Plato and the Creation of the Hebrew Bible’. Speaking here: