To Characteristics of the Present Age

"The true purpose and object of the following lectures is, I believe sufficiently obvious of itself;"

The lectures describe a plan for a school based system of ideological control.

Systems of Ideological control need to fit and change according to the nature of their society.

Changing a religions effects on attitudes, thinking and motivations can be done by writing a new act for the play. With new characters created to embody the attitudes for Reasoning desired in the population.

Changing a religions war centred ideology to a servant centred ideology is done by writing an new chapter which changes the central focus from God's chosen Moses Joshua type war leaders, to God's Son Jesus, who embodies and so lifts the attitudes and thinking, for living a life of service as supremely ideal. The ideology founding people's attitudes and thinking is implanted and becomes integrated into their basis for thinking and reasoning. (Note: The IDEA founds and shapes REASON. This is the core of ideological control.)

A military society needs a military ideology to inspire military life. A slave society needs a servant master ideology to justify and breath life into it.

Fichte sees that the biblical basis used for religious Ideological control is incompatible with the emerging scientific technological nature of society. So rather than write a new act or scene for a new stage of managing society with a religious narrative ... He, and those with him write an entirely new story to embody and make a New Age of ideological control.

The Christian Religious age is diminishing, but trying to hang on in self perpetuating communities. The New Age of school induced ideological control of society is here. i.e. much of what's detailed in the lectures is historically and currently observable. Observation of reality confirms Fichte's lectures as founding and creating a premier ideological control system and a New Age, as it set out to do.

These lectures detail the thinking and planning that initially established a new ideological narrative using a new school institution to instigate it. Observation shows that it is rather quickly superseding it's predecessor of a Religious/Political Ideologically managed society.

Steps taken down, in reverse, lead out of the cave of shadows. Fichte's lectures are a key for the deliverance of those ideologically bound in darkness.

"And should any one stand in need of a clearer index ... I would advise him to take the Seventeenth Lecture as a Preface."

Fichte's 17th lecture starts:
"In the preceding Lectures we have delineated the Present Age as a necessary part of the great World-plan on which the Earthly Life of our Race is arranged, and have endeavoured to disclose its secret significance;"

He then describes how cultural conditioning prevents those within a culture from viewing it objectively i.e. one needs to rise above or get outside one's own cultural conditioning, to see it for what it is.

Then he describes the 17th lecture as “taking a retrospect” of the theory in the former 16 lectures and that the theory aims to “become the root and principle of living vitality in a New Age" and “the nature of this Theory, … in it’s essential elements” is “a Religious Theory”

In a nutshell; An updated form of Ideological control, to make a New Age.

Note well: in its core essence Fichte's theory is religious, but, externally it doesn't have the previous forms or narratives generally associated with religion. AND Fichte writes that this new "root and principle", with the inner elements of religion, can only initially be made real by the new German schooling ... the philosopher puts it as follows:

“Now it is impossible that this Principle should have been implanted within us, for the first time, by means of the contemplations which have occupied us for a few hours of this winter. (p 262) … we have not been able to avail ourselves of nearly the whole of the means which might have been employed to awaken and call forth this Principle. These Being:

  1. The whole artificial training of the school,
  2. the systematic rise and overthrow of each objection,
  3. the gradual upturning of every branch of Error by the roots;
  4. further, the profound and lengthened course of study,
  5. and the artificial development of the power of thought which are presupposed in these things;

all these could not here be employed; and thus, the Religious Sense could not here be implanted, nor even for the first time awakened and called forth.” (Quote from ‘Characteristics of the Present Age’, Ch 17.)

Fichte describes his new schools as necessary to implant and awaken the "Religious Sense" for a new age of non-religious ideological control.

"In the same way, the determination to print them, and to communicate them to the General Public, must also speak for itself; and should it not do so, any other recommendation of them would be thrown away."

People publish to communicate with others. Fichte's lectures make known the theory and reasoning for a new school institution, to form the basis for a change in society so profound Fichte describes it as a theory and school system that will bring about a "New Age". One with a new type of religious core, but it won't appear religious, it will just have the essence of religious or Ideological control implanted and grown by the artificial school environment and curriculum.

If it isn't a theory and plan the public embrace, then all other recommendations of it should be thrown away, is the advice of Fichte a major developer and establisher of it.

"Thus, with respect to the appearance of this work, I have nothing further to say to the Public, than that I have nothing to say."

Make of that what you will, who knows exactly what enigmatic thing he may have had in mind when he wrote that ...

But his preface makes it clear that he wanted people to read his lectures in the sure knowledge that he was outlining details for a New Age of ideological control, like Christianities 2 millennium age, but with a non-religious form and that a new form of schools were necessary to make it happen.

In my opinion, Fichte's lectures open out much about human nature and ideological control that is essential for all people to know, to avoid or liberate themselves from ideological control to live a more sensible reality based life.