A Lead in to Fichte’s
‘Characteristics of
the Present Age’.

His series of 17 Lectures outlining the "great World-plan," transitioning Religious Ideological Influence to the institutions of 'Educational Ideological Influence'.

Fichte's lectures detail some of how the central Ideas and 'Spiritual Sense, in religions, were separated from their religious packaging and put into children, using schools, to make a new Ideological Age. The Age we live in.

In a sentence:

The ideas within religion put into non religious clothing, are still wolves in shepherds clothing.

Note: Wolves wear shepherds clothing, this way the sheep come to them and lay down at their feet for easy fleecing and eating.

In a paragraph:

Fichte discusses the inner or essential nature of ideological influence. He draws out and separates its timeless essence, from its historical superstitious and religious wrappings, in order to put the pure essence of ideological control into an entirely new outfit. He doesn’t do away with those underlying religiously clothed principles but dresses them in a modern, non mythological, new suit of clothes. Children, who become society, are trained and conditioned to wear that new suit of ideas in schools, and to make anew, an Ideal influenced and controlled society.

In more detail:

Fichte’s 17 lectures, ‘Characteristics of the Present Age’ gives details put into action by, Fichte, King Frederick-William and the most distinguished men surrounding the throne of Prussia/Germany. Fichte distilled the core of historical  Ideological control in religions, and with these others, devised and used a new schooling to put it into a more modern and true to reality narrative. (Note well: It’s still fiction. (The backdrop has shifted from something like a Lord of the Rings fantasy to a fiction in objective reality.)

The new school institution itself is a strategic addition of phenomenal importance for the following reason: The younger one gets a sapling, the easier it is to shape it’s growth to a predetermined pattern and vice versa. Once mature, a trees core shape is set for life. It is similar for people who hold to the pattern and Ideological conditioning they receive in their schooling.

By growing children to maturity in a carefully and deliberately planned artificial school environment, they will develop and grow their ways of thinking, according to that highly controlled artificial environment. This, is the pattern those young child-saplings are tied to in school while growing up. This patterning aspect is dealt with by Fichte more in his second series of lectures, ‘Addresses to the German Nation’.

It’s the central role of IDEAS that can be used to control and shape people and society that is central to Fichte’s ‘Characteristics of the Present Age.’

The essence of Ideological control is to replace the objective reality of nature with an intermediate that takes its place, and in doing so, to take for itself, the authority of nature. This is done because nature rules all things by it’s laws, by cause and effect.
Nature governs all things by its causality, the only things that happen, must, and can only happen as nature allows. Anything that claims authority but doesn’t line up with the causality of nature, is false and hence, a false authority.
The religious idea, that God is superior to nature, is the fabrication of an authority that is greater than nature. People who accept the Supernatural have, introduced into their core reasoning, things that they consider factual but without observation of reality as basis for facts.
The educational idea that Science is a reliable method and if done right and honestly will show the truth of nature is true. The problem is that it relies on the honesty and competence of those getting and conveying the information. It also obscures the reality that science, in it’s essence, is just looking at sensible reality and accepting it as fact. That many people place science in a place that excludes anyone but officially education institution approved professionals AND that they conform to the peer reviewed literature, thus excluding the vast majority of people, is ridiculous.
Anyone with observations concerning some matter, can testify to the facts they have observed and reject accordingly that which contradicts even a single fact they know to be true.
A little thinking about the above will show that the bible and priest class artificially stand in for the authority and factuality of nature, the real source of truth and hence authority, i.e. institutionally approved position and agreement with a textual source constitute acceptable knowledge. Similarly, educated scientists and peer reviewed knowledge stand in for the authority and factuality of nature, and likewise exclude the common folk from those who can speak with an institutionally approved authority. People believing in either institution without critically comparing information with their own directly observed facts from nature, the source of truth and authority, have to this extent, become influenced by belief in information coming from an institution designed and used for ideological influence.
When people think the authority of nature is truly represented by a group, that group’s truths become as the truth of nature. That is a position of powerful influence and the greater the power the greater the capacity for it to be used by those who influence and control it.
A principle here is that, anything that stands in for the true authority of nature (or claims to supersede it) is claiming a God like position because nature’s causality, its laws, rule all things.

This is a core part of the ‘New Education Based Ideological Age’  it uses the same Idea of itself as an intermediary authority between the people and the authority of nature. It’s just been put into the educational authority narrative, rather than being in the old church authority narrative. Just because the old characters are not in the story doesn’t change the fact that it’s the same con of lifting up a sometimes false authority as a reliable source of truth.

Note: The infallibility of the church (and bible) has been made more realistic in the ‘educational upgrade’, with openness and self correction happening in many areas of scientific investigation. … BUT, in areas foundational to current ideological influence (such as: human induced climate change, parts of the evolution theory inference, the 9/11 official propaganda fiction, vaccines, and even the poorly known, even among those skeptical of mainstream, non reality of truly powerful nuclear bombs, to mention some significant ones) openness and self correction are designed out of these sections. i.e. susceptibility to uncritical belief in these areas is a prerequisite

Historically, Fichte’s Lectures founded schools, which taught kids, who became adults, that lived for the German race, for the German Nation. Yes, Hitler’s German Nationalism was grown in the Schools that arose from Fichte’s Lectures. This was because an expert knowledge of human nature animating IDEAS and human nature itself, was used in establishing the new schooling.

Through the new schooling, Ideals of the German Race grew in children to become an externally implanted but genuine inner core of their living consciousness, of their essential self. And by living in accordance with it, they felt the satisfaction and wholeness of people living in accordance to what they believe in and hence consider moral.

But, it was an artificially implanted consciousness and morality, put there through the new schooling by the designs of the historically militant Prussian/German aristocracy. The new schooling founded by Fichte and first established in ‘Germany’, was and is an extremely powerful social, engineering technology.

Historically, the use of Ideas to control people and society had those inner Ideas clothed in myth and religion. The Ideas are a devouring wolf and the particular religion or mythology that covers it is deceptive clothing. The many and varied mythologies and religions are not the controlling ideas, those religions and myths are desperately flashy deceptive wrapping. If people see through the wrapping, that wolf, the devouring Ideas, will never make an easy meal of them. Teaching all people to clearly see and understand Ideas, no matter their clothing is my goal and it was also a goal of Fichte. I think he published his lectures so that the public would learn of the aristocrats control through schooling to certain Ideas and take appropriate steps.Which I touch on in my next page in this series, Fichte’s Preface.

The Ideas and how they are packaged need to be seen as distinct, because they are. It is possible to be devoted to the core Ideas wrapped up in Jesus example of willing self sacrifice for those who don’t deserve it by willingly sacrificing one’s earnings for others to spend as they choose which relates to the modern doctrine of the social contract.

“… the accidental and temporary limitations which surrounded its first development (i.e. Controlling IDEAS embedded in inflexible religious narratives and writings of an eternal, unchanging perfect God), and by transplanting it, beyond these limitations, into their present state of Mental Culture. (Characteristics of the Present Age Ch 17 p 262 – 3 in ‘The Popular Works of J. G. Fichte’)

It needs to be remembered while discussing these lectures that he and the aristocrats with him are talking about a new type of schooling as a non-religious, ideological control institution. And it needed to start schooling children at a young age, i.e. before they had formed their own view of the world and ways of thinking, to get the controling ideals of old into their young minds, but in a non-religious way.

Now it is impossible that this Principle (involving artificially trained thinking and Ideals) should have been implanted within us (adults), for … we have not been able to avail ourselves of … the means which might have been employed to awaken and call forth this Principle. The whole artificial training of the school, the systematic rise and overthrow of each objection, the gradual upturning of every branch of Error by the roots; further, the profound and lengthened course of study, and the artificial development of the power of thought which are presupposed in these things; all these could not here be employed; and thus, the Religious Sense could not here be implanted, nor even for the first time awakened and called forth.” (Fichte, Characteristics Ch 17 p262-3)