Sensible Reason

Sense experience founds thought

  • There is no conscious thought without prior sense experience.
  • To disprove this just give one that doesnt.
  • If you can’t then as far as you can tell your conscious awareness grew from your sense experinces.
  • i.e. All thinking for living derives from sense experience.
  • The source of awareness is what is experienced to become aware.

That source is sensible reality



Tools extend what we can do and as a consequence how we think about ourselves and the world according to the tools and technology we have. As a simple example, a forester with an axe will think about and do forest work differently than one with a chainsaw.

The tool influences how the forester thinks about himself and how he makes a living.

The axe uses metals knowledge refined over thousands of years, much like the human social mind has and passes on thousands of years of accumulated knowledge to make each person more able.

BUT the chainsaw uses knowledge from far more than metallurgy. It includes fuel technology, plastics chemistry, air and fluid filtration, electromagnetism and combustion engine knowledge. All of this knowledge is combined in a harmony of perfection for a chainsaw to work.

The potential for all human mind ‘tools’ at early childhood is the broad based cognitive technological power in the chainsaw not the brutish thudding simplicity of an axe.

John Hattie, analysed information from quality investigations into what works best in learning from over 150 million students. A fundamental key he discovered is that learning is most enhanced when learners become their own teachers. (Note, I think many teaching institutions and teachers get in the way of this most fundamental principle and, as a consequence, inhibit learning.)

Everyone needs their own 'sensible-reason'


weigh matters for themselves.

Dividing the Issues

The Obvious
The Hidden

THE OBVIOUS: Is the many supposed facts, knowledge and conclusions floated about by various information institutions. Schools, Governments, Politicians, TV Stations, Web Sites, Social Media, Documentaries, Universities, Businesses, Religions and Spirituality Cults.

THE HIDDEN: (and more important issue), is how should each individual assess facts and use them to inform their thinking and living.

People that ‘know’ something is true but can’t detail how they know, (i.e. why the underlying facts and reckoning are true) are missing the underlying sensible-reason necessary to individually discern truth.

Whenever we accept information from others, we put part of our brain, part of our thinking and living, into their hands.

Being able to assess information means developing one’s sense of reality, i.e. seeing things for what they are in reality. Sensed reality is fact and facts are needed to think well. 


It's about each person developing their own
and becoming skilled in its use.

Lets start with the senses

Sun 2
Full Moon 900

Look at the images of the sun and moon. Feel how vivid they are while you are looking at them, while the light,  through your eyes and nerves, ‘presses’ on and stimulates your inner awareness.

Now, close your eyes and remember the images you were just looking at.

How do they compare? Does brightness of noonday sun and dimness of night shadow do the difference justice? Is it more distinct or less?

You have just felt the difference between direct sense of reality and memory of it, in your own conscious awareness. Remember it.

You could do similar activities with your 20 plus senses. 

For example, try putting your hands out to either side and moving them so that they come together in front of your face. Then remember the sense of feeling where your hands were.


When some cool water passes over your hands it ‘presses‘ against your senses of touch, pressure and temperature change. Such raw sense experience is the common language of Sensible Reality to homo Sapiens.


It doesn’t matter what language you speak, what race you are or where on earth. We all have similar raw sense experiences. Note: similar, not exactly the same. For example, I have a strong pro-tan colour blindness. This difference is measurable, by colour blind tests which show that the majority see things the same and those with colour blindness somewhat differently. It is similar with taste.

Multiple TV sets in a shop all give the same picture and sound. Similarly, we receive the same signals from nature and process them on similar sense organs and neurology.

We are part of the same physical reality and our inner ‘movie’ experience is an individual perspective of the earth we live on.

This raw sense experience is very vivid while reality is pressing on our senses and very dim in recall of it in memory.

I'm not in kindergarten why the sensy feely
kids stuff?

It is impossible to think well without facts

Sense of reality is the source of facts.

Anything and everything that hinders or enhances use and knowledge of our senses has a hindering or enhancing influence on our conscious awareness.

Our inner self, how we feel think and view the world all comes down to use of our senses and building up skills knowledge and ways of thinking, to see and interface with the world, more truly and fully.

Those with dull sense and inner awareness that derives though our sense experience are blind to much of reality because they have not had the sense experience to become conscious of it.

Our inner awareness is a growth of sensible reality into us through our senses. The more we are aware of our senses and how to use them the more reality aligns with and enables our conscious self.


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