Schooled children were planned to be, and have become, the mainspring of the pressure clockwork machinery of state control.

Quotes from addresses to the German Nation Section 94 … “This intention is to make the whole of life in society into a large and ingeniously constructed clockwork pressure-machine, in which every single part will be continually compelled by the whole to serve the whole.” 

which links in Fichte’s discussion to section 97. 

“… it seeks from the very beginning, and as the very first and only element, a firm and certain spirit. This is for it the mainspring, whose life proceeds from itself, and which has perpetual motion; the mainspring which will regulate, and continually keep in motion, the life of society. The German art of the State understands that it cannot create this spirit by reprimanding adults who are already spoilt by neglect, but only by educating the young, who are still unspoilt.